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Pesto Genovese

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According to an 1844 dictionary, the pesto was a dressing obtained mashing together garlic, oil, cheese and
basil, marjoram or parsley. It was used not for dress up pasta, but to flavour the genovese minestrone. Only
at the beginning of 1900, in the modern genovese-italian dictionary, the pesto shows up like a dressing for
pasta, but the only included herb was basil.
Some years ago was created the Consorzio of Pesto Genovese, an authority promoted by Regione Liguria and the associations of Pesto maker, to protect the Pesto.
The original and traditional Pesto Genovese must be prepared only with Genovese DOP basil (or Ligurian basil), extra virgin Ligurian oil, grated cheese (1/4 Pecorino, ¾ Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano), italian garlic and salt, and mediterranean pinoles.

Thanks to Un Muffin per Due

Thanks to Un Muffin per Due