Mojirto – Mojito with Sardinian mirto

8 minutes

Brown sugar
Mirto Bianco (white myrtle)
Soda (or sparkling water)
one leaf of fresh basil


In a “granity” glass (the same that you use for Cuba Libre and Mojitos) put on the bottom a little of cane sugar and lime cut into wedges.
Press it slightly (but not too much because the drink may be acid) with a pestle, fill the glass with ice cubes (or chopped ice) and pour the Mirto Bianco Silvio Carta up to 70% of the glass.
Fill the glass with soda water or sparkling water until the limit; take a leaf of fresh basil, sprinkle it in the liquid and pass it along the inside edge of the glass without breaking it (inside the leaf is bitter and it could ruin the drink) then dip it in the drink. Put a slice of lime and one or two straws. Serve and quench your thirst, it’s yummy!

Thanks to: Silvio Carta