Empire State of Italian Food

I Love Italian Food Live in New York has dedicated 4 great days to Italian food, passionate Italian chefs and great Italian projects that, like us, has the objective of promoting the real made in Italy worldwide.

Our first appointment has been during the awards ceremony of the new best Primo di New York, the very first Italian competition that awards New York's best pasta dish. The second edition of the contest created by Giuseppe di Martino was held in the prestigious James Beard Foundation, where chef Joshua Pinsky, the young executive chef at Momofuku Nishi, received the first prize with his "ceci e pepe", a cacio & pepe with no cheese but chickpeas, while Massimo Sola, first edition winner, was preparing the gala dinner for the guests, of course paying homage to pasta.

Saturday June 24th, we have been welcomed by chef Michele Mazza, president of Association Italian Chef of New York, and chef Raffaele Solinas, at the Institute of Culinary Education to discover how the AICNY is pursuing its mission of educating about Italian food and more. We have also met the guys from the Taste to Taste: giovani chef per il made in Italy, together with their mentor Roberto Petza, the only Michelin starred chef in the whole Sardinia, who explained us the educational activities within the project.

Being Italians means also craving for a real espresso, so we had to take a proper coffee break and the right place was Piccolo Cafe, where even the walls speak Italian. Indeed, all the projects of its founder, Michele Casadei Massari, are about Italian culture: from music and art to sport and literature.

And for dinner? We have met Rosanna Di Michele, executive chef of the new born restaurant Donna Margherita, which offers its New York guests the genuine dishes of Italian cuisine, those recipes that Rosanna knows since she was a kid and she used to cook in her hometown. Now also Upper East Side Newyorkers can taste the real Italian flavors.

The happily ended with our 100per100italian experience, on the beautiful Midtown Terrace in the heart of Manhattan: a night organized in collaboration with the AICNY to celebrate all together the real Made in Italy food.

We completed our I Love Italian Food Live in New York directory from the Summer Fancy Food Show, with two great storytellings about Italian food: chef Massimo Sola revealed us what's behind one of the most traditional dish of our cuisine, pasta al pomodoro, while together with chef Michele Mazza we have discovered the secrets of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.

Thanks to: Le 5 Stagioni, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, the Original, Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta, DHL, Moretti Forni, Parmissimo, Pomì, Smeg, and AICNY Associazione Italiana Chef New York.

East Mama with Matteo Caprioli and Ciro Cristiano

We have been told that love for food can reach agreement with everyone and it is actually true. EAST MAMA is the proof, like a peace treaty between Italian and french cuisine. The concept Big Mamma, which the trattoria is part of, has been created by 2 French guys passionate about Italian food who “ask themselves every morning how they can create the best, most convivial Italian restaurants in Paris”: only high quality ingredients, directly from Italy, and a cuisine that reflects the real flavors of our Bel Paese. I Love Italian Food interviewed head chef Ciro Cristiano and head chef pizzaiolo Matteo Caprioli.

1) Three words to describe yourself.

Matteo: Ambitious, creative, demanding.

Ciro: Demanding because I always ask to me and my teams to give the best of themselves and should not be underestimated them, determined  because when I set the goals I always try to achieve them;

2) What does it mean for your being an Italian chef abroad?

Matteo: For me it means to be guarantor of Italian «savoir faire», then I feel the need to represent and protect our tradition, food culture and particularly to respect the art of Neapolitan pizzaiolo.

Ciro: First of all, being an Italian chef abroad for me is to make known the best of our gastronomic heritage to people who do not know and above all to do it in France allows me to use the best products.

3) What is the Italian recipe that represents you the most and what are the secrets to prepare it?

Matteo: The Marinara of course! With peeled San Marzano DOP tomatoes, a clove of garlic, three anchovies, capers, olive oil with a delicate flavor, basil, oregano at half cooking. My advice is pre-cook the tomatoes to ensure that the pizza takes more “depth".

Ciro: In our restaurants we are calling "Original tomato”. It is simply a great pasta with tomato sauce made with three different tomatoes; fresh Datterino, tomato San Marzano sauce (a small company of Sarno, one of the best in Italy), and cherry tomatoes confit. I prefer to serve it with mafaldine, a spoon of buffalo ricotta and a lot of basil.

4) What are the three essential made in Italy products in your kitchen?

Matteo: Flour, peeled San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella.

Ciro: Obviously Extra virgin olive oil is the base of all my recipe; The durum wheat flour for the preparation of fresh pasta and soft wheat flour from Naples mills for the preparation of verace pizza; the third ingredient is Amalfi lemon, used for the preparation of our "limonemisù", an excellent tiramisù with lemon served in all our restaurants.

5) Regarding the “Italian Sounding” phenomenon, in your opinion what are the possible solutions to contrast it?

Matteo: Individually, we have to continue to taste our products to the customers, globally, with the media coverage, showing everyone the true made in Italy, and how to recognize it.

Ciro: As it is fighting as Big Mamma and many other good restaurants around the world. We are selecting the best products of the peninsula and respecting them without upsetting their nature. Result? The Parisians are tired of years of fake Italian restaurants since our first opening, they loved it.

6) The “Big Mamma” group is called “Trattoria popolare”, symbol of Italianness. What is the concept for this project?

Ciro: To define the concept of Big Mamma in 3 words:

Products directly from the manufacturer, from the beginning we went in search of small producers and asked what were their best and we took them in our restaurants. Environment, when you walk in our restaurants breathe the air of Italy, we speak only Italian in the kitchen and in the restaurant, (not to mention Neapolitan dialect) and the average age of employees is low, to give you an example I am the executive chef and I am 27 years old and Raffaele Santopaolo, chef Ober Mamma, has only 25 years. The last word is generosity, at Big Mamma you eat so much, well and good price/quality ratio.

7) Both belong to generations of chefs and pizzaioli. What is the main episode that lead you to pursue this career?

Matteo: I do not think it was a particular event that induced me, in general my passion for cooking and then toward this Neapolitan food is grew over the years, the will to create and test led me to love pizza and all its facets.

Ciro: More than an episode I think there were two key factors that led me to take up this career; The first is the decision of my father to open a pastry bar shop where I was able to learn the basics of Neapolitan pastry. The second factor was the upgrading of my neighborhood, on the suburbs of East Naples, with the opening of a pole of schools including the catering college, a key factor in my choice of higher education.

8) What are the most ordered Italian dish and pizza from your customers?

Ciro: Bear in min that menu changes every three weeks. For pizza, surely the "Burrata Gourmand" is a combination of flavors that combines three different regions; The Burrata of Puglia, the Parmigiano Reggiano dell'Emilia Romagna and finally the tomato of Campania. The "Tortelli Mantovani" served in one of our restaurants, are stuffed with pumpkin ravioli of Mantua, amaretti and Parmigiano Reggiano.

*Matteo Caprioli at the moment is head chef pizzaiolo at "Da Roco" Italian restaurant.

I Love Italian Food Live in New York City

It’s time for I Love Italian Food Live in New York.

During the Summer Fancy Food Show, we will be in the Big Apple from June 23 to 26 with many special activities: I Love Italian Food & Friends will welcome many representatives of the made in Italy such as chef Massimo Sola, winner of the best Pasta dish in New York City in 2016, chef Raffaele Solinas together with chef Roberto Petza to talk about AICNY (Italian Chef Association New York) and the Taste to Taste project at ICE New York and Michele Casadei Massari, founder of Piccolo Cafe, an Italian bistrot concept that now counts 4 different stores in the whole city.
Last, but not least, we will try for our friend a brand new restaurant opened recently in the city and specialized in Abruzzo cuisine: Donna Margherita owned by Rosanna di Michele.

On Sunday June 25th, it will be time for our 100per100italian Experience, an exclusive event which will take place on the beautiful Midtown Terrace in the heart of Manhattan, to celebrate Italian food with our network and a special dinner realized by AICNY.

Furthermore, on June 26th we will be live from the Summer Fancy Food Show with two great storytellings about Italian food: Aceto Balsamico di Modena together with chef Michele Mazza at Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico di Modena stand (Level 1, 4949) and the story behind one of the most traditional Italian dish: pasta al pomodoro (pasta with tomato sauce) with chef Massimo Sola, live from Pomì stand (Booth 2927 / 2929).

I Love Italian Food Live in New York is a project realized with the support of: Le 5 Stagioni, Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico di Modena, Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta, DHL, Moretti Forni, Parmissimo, Pomì, Smeg, and AICNY Associazione Italiana Chef New York.

Paolo Barichella introduces Coolella system

Paolo Barichella introduces his new project  Leggende Italiane and the Coolella system: now we can taste the creamy Italian gelato even at the restaurants.

I Love Italian Food and Netaddiction: together to spread the real Made in Italy

Netaddiction and I Love Italian Food announce their partnership

The "all food" communication axis has just born: these two networks together will reach monthly more than 28 millions food addicted users on social network and more than 4,5 millions unique users on Web.

I Love Italian Food, the largest international community of Italian Food Lovers founded in Reggio Emilia and Netaddiction, native digital italian editor and influential food & wine figure in Italy, with its main web magazines iFood.it and Dissapore.com, get together to tell the Italian food in Italy and abroad.

The union has been presented in preview yesterday evening May the 8th by Alessandro Schiatti, I Love Italian Food President, and Andrea Pucci, CEO and Founder of Netaddiction, during the “100per100 Italian Experience” event (in the picture above) held at the Lounge I Love Italian Food in a special loft, in Via Dante 14 in Milano.

This new partnership signed by I Love Italian Food Srl and Netaddiction aims to reinforce the mission of both the digital realities that keep spreading the Italian food word and telling the Italian excellences all around the world. The partners share the importance of promoting internationally the real Italian cuisine and supporting those producers and companies that believe in the concept of 100% Italian. At the same time, the agreement won't change the nature of the No Profit Culture Association I Love Italian Food, which will keep creating web contents and acting independently.

“Italian companies must sell culture and not only food. Because the Italian cuisine is culture. Food culture must become the black oil of Italy, one of the biggest treasures for our country's future. That's what we are trying to do with I Love Italian Food, telling daily the world our food and wine culture. From a small example, we would like to become a big one and this is the reason why we decided to work together with Netaddiction, a capable native digital editor with whom we can improve telling Italian food culture.” says Alessandro Schiatti, Presidente of I Love Italian Food.

We are more than proud to have signed this strategic partnership with I Love Italian Food network. We have been in harmony since the very beginning thanks to the shared passion for Italian food and common objectives of promoting the true Italian excellences around the world and raising the awareness about the power of the made in Italy among Italians. I am sure that together we will reach great results and that our formats will tell the world of Italian food artisans at their best, something that is envied by everybody.” says Andrea Pucci, CEO and Founder of Netaddiction.

Both the networks have a remarkable fanbase. Netaddiction group, one of the most dynamic web businesses, reaches more than 16 millions of unique users with its 8 web megazine, and it counts 3 millions of digital fans. The circuit taste&food with Dissapore.com, iFood.it and the new born BBQ4All reaches more than 4 millions users. Moreover, it embraces also Bigodino.it, a platform dedicated to the female public, that counts 2.700.000 unique users and almost 15 millions page views every month.

I Love Italian Food is the largest international community dedicated to Italian food and, together with the no profit association, it created more than 30 events in Italy and abroad, reaching more than 250 millions of users. In order to tell the world the true, I Love Italian Food produces daily contents for its digital platform, organises international events to connect with the field experts, creates unique projects for the associate companies and it supports educational and research projects.