The 100per100 Italian Show in Dubai

In February I Love Italian Food returns to Dubai with a brand new project and a week of events dedicated to Italian cuisine.

The appointment is from the 15th to 20th of February with the 100per100 Italian Show: events not to be missed, signed 100per100 Italian, in the most important Italian restaurants in Dubai to celebrate the real protagonists of our cuisine: the products. All during Gulfood, the most important food and wine fair of the Emirates.

A calendar that will put in the spotlight the iconic products of Made in Italy entertaining the public thanks to 4 simple ingredients: an iconic product with its history to discover, a restaurant with its chef, a spectacular moment and an unforgettable dinner.

The right opportunity for anyone who wants to live a unique experience, living for once a real Italian night, reviving its stories and flavors. We are waiting for you!


15th of February 2019


From 3pm at Eataly Dubai Mall – Lower Ground Floor

For info: +971-43308899

16th of February 2019


From 3pm at Eataly Dubai Mall – Lower Ground Floor

For info: +971-43308899


From 5pm at Eataly Dubai Mall – Lower Ground Floor

For info:  +971-43308899

17th of February 2019


From 8pm at Al Grissino, 16th Floor, Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC

For reservations:

Tel: +971 04 352 4000

Email: reservations@algrissinodubai

19th of  February 2019


From 8pm at Matto, The Oberoi Dubai, Business Bay, Lobby Level

For reservations:

Tel: +971 04 444 1335


20th of February 2019


From 8pm at GIA, Ground Floor, New Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall

For reservations:

Tel: +971 042349986


All show performances by The Storytelling Company.

100per100 Italian Kitchen in London with Aldo Zilli

After the United States and Spain 100per100 Italian Kitchen, a project signed I Love Italian Food and Scavolini in partnership with Dissapore, arrives also in London.

On January 24th we will bring the real Italian cuisine inside Scavolini Store in West Hampstead, through the performance of one of the most important Made in Italy ambassadors in the UK: Chef Aldo Zilli.

Aldo Zilli, celebrity chef and representative of Italian cuisine in London for many years, will prepare one of the most iconic dishes of his region: Abruzzo.

An unforgettable performance to teach the English public all the secrets and curiosities of a unique preparation of our tradition.

We are waiting for you on January 24th, from 6pm at the Scavolini Store West Hampstead, 39 Fortune Green Road, NW6 1dr, London.

The adventure to discover the Italian cuisine and Italian kitchens continues!

Everything is Ready for the 100per100 Italian Lounge in Beijing

It's only a week away from the inauguration of the 100per100 Italian Lounge in Beijing, inside Anufood China from November 21st to 23rd, Hall 2 booth F106.

Among the guests of the 100per100 Italian Lounge, we welcome Chef Diego Ottaviani. An ambassador of Italian cuisine in the Chinese capital, Chef Diego was born in Abruzzo where he was raised totally immersed in the kitchens of family restaurants. As a son of art, his undertaking of his career as a Chef has resulted in him conquering the Michelin star for two of the five Ottaviani family restaurants.

Talent and heart bring Chef Diego to Beijing where he wants to entire the palates and arouse emotions in his customers with his Italian dishes. Roman pizza, lasagne and fish are only some of the specialties that are proposed to impress the guests of Fratelli Fresh at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel.

Chef Diego will entertain us by sharing a 100% Italian product and recipe in the 100per100 Italian Lounge, the heart of the Italian collective within Anufood China.

The 100per100 Italian Lounge will also a meeting place for professionals of the Italian F & B in Beijing who will have the opportunity to get in touch with companies that bring true Made in Italy abroad every day, such as Pastificio Granoro and the Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico di Mondena.

The 100per100 Italian Lounge is made possible thanks to the support of technical partners Smeg and Pentole Agnelli, as well as the contents produced on the channels of I Love Italian Food, and of the local media partner 100ITA.

We’ll see you there!

100per100 Italian Lounge Arrives in Beijing

It is not long before the inauguration of the 100per100 Italian Lounge in Beijing comes to life in Anufood China, Hall 2 stand F106, from 21 to 23 November.

For the occasion, I Love Italian Food in the 100per100 Italian Lounge, will host some of the most important personalities of Italian restaurants in the Chinese capital of whom will demonstrate the products and dishes of Italian culinary traditions.

We are happy to announce the participation of Omar Maseroli, a successful restaurateur in Beijing. His idea of bringing the concept of Emilian negotiation to China comes to life in 2011, when Mercante opens its doors in the historic district of the capital in addition to traditional products and quality that conquers Beijing. In 2014, he opened Fiume on the Landmark River bringing the flavors of Emilia Romagna's "always home-made" motto to the city's district. The project of Omar does not stop here. In 2017, Lievito is inaugurated —offering a pizza seasoned with Italian ingredients of the highest quality. Omar's attention to the creation of the menus, the choice of products, the wines together with the love for Italian food are the secret of his success in Beijing.

Another awaited guest of the 100per100 Italian Lounge is internationally recognized Chef Fabio Nompleggio — Chef de Cuisine of Cèpe, a restaurant inside The Ritz-Carlton Beijing on Financial Street. Chef Nompleggio, arrived in Beijing after a long experience that led him through Italy, Singapore, Monaco and Dubai. His goal is to respect the reputation of Cèpe, a point of reference and destination of excellence for Italian cuisine. A true professional who enters all his know-how and international experience within the 100per100 Italian Lounge, entertaining us with the preparation of an unique dish.

They are just some of the guests of the 100per100 Italian Lounge, a place of storytelling and networking for the professionals of the Italian F & B in Beijing that follows the opportunity to get in touch with companies who brings every day Made in Italy abroad, such as Pastificio Granoro and the Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico di Mondena.

The 100per100 Italian Lounge is made possible thanks to the support of technical partners Smeg and Pentole Agnelli, as well as the contents produced on the channels of I Love Italian Food, and of the local media partner 100ITA.

We'll see you there!

I Love Italian Food and Gustatus share Maremma with the World

The thirteenth edition of Gustatus, The Sense of Taste, is about to start! The gastronomic event is dedicated to the excellence of Maremma, and has been organized by the Municipality of Orbetello, and Welcome Maremma.

This year, I Love Italian Food together with Dissapore and iFood will be the media partners of the project to share the rich history of the unique products in the Maremma region; Both nationally and internationally.

I Love Italian food will produce interviews with experts, organized in Dissapore Caffè (piazza Eroi Dei Due Mondi), as well as social reporting activities of the iFood blogger team. The production and distribution of content dedicated to the narration of the food and wine excellences of the territory will be available on all of the I Love Italian Food social channels.

Gustatus, The Sense of Taste, will come to life in the squares and streets of Orbetello from October 31 to November 4 at the following times:

Wednesday, October 31 from 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Thursday, November 1 from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Friday, November 2 from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Saturday, November 3 from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Sunday, November 4 from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

The program of activities for the event can be found by clicking this link:

We hope to see you there!

The 100per100 Italian in Paris goes to…

On Sunday October 21st, Paris served as a magical setting to unveil the third date of the 100per100 Italian 2018an evening dedicated to honoring the true patrons of Italian Food in France.

This was an event organized by I Love Italian Food – a non-profit Association and a network which promotes and defends the real Made in Italy agribusiness in the world.

Created in the heart of the Food Valley in Italy in 2013 – I love Italian Food was originally an initiative by a group of friends keen on Italian food. Today the organization is an international community that has reached more than one billion contacts all around the world.

I Love Italian Food Cultural Association announced the names of the professionals who have stood out in promoting the real Italian food in Paris. During last months, indeed, 100 Italian professionals from the network of I Love Italian Food, based in Paris and experts in the made in Italy, have been involved in the project to suggest the names of the realities that every day distinguish themselves in offering an authentic Italian cuisine, to the French consumers as well. 

According to Mr Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and co-founder of I Love Italian Food “Our missions is spreading the culture of Italian food worldwide and it’s our responsibility and pride rewarding all those professionals that work hardly everyday to spread the real Italian food in the world.”

And for the awards this year the six 100per100 Italian Awards were given during the exclusive evening leaded by Eleonora Galasso - foodpreneur, writer and TV host in France and UK -, hold at La Felicità, the biggest restaurant in Europe created by Big Mamma.

For the category 100per100 Italian Restaurant, through the recommendations of the network, the award went to Mori Venice Bar, Italian restaurant developed by Massimo Mori, which offers authentic Italian products and a menu that is totally free from any other culinary culture contamination.

The 100per100 Italian Espresso Award went to Caffè Stern, suggested by the network of I Love Italian Food as the perfect place to take some time and taste a real Italian espresso, also prepared in the most traditional way, with the Moka. The Alajmo family is leading the restaurant, with Giovanni, son of one of the Michelin starred brothers of Le Calandre, and Chef Denis Mattiuzzi, leading the kitchen brigade.

The recognition will not be complete without the award of ‘The real Italian pizza’, prepared according to the Neapolitan tradition, using 100% made in Italy ingredients, from oil, to tomato, to basil. The award 100per100 Italian Pizza went to Pizzeria Popolare, one of the most recent realities by Big Mamma group, under the guide of Head Pizzaiolo Giuseppe Cutraro.

For the 100per100 Italian Gelato award, the network of I Love Italian Food has no doubts that  Pozzetto is the most suggested place to taste the experience of a real homemade Italian gelato abroad in Paris.

An emerging but already successful name in the panorama of the Italian cuisine in Paris for the 100per100 Italian Chef award, given to Denny Imbroisi: talented, with Italian origins of course, founders of two restaurants in Paris, Ida and Epoca.

In conclusion, a special award for this French edition of the 100per100 Italian Awards: 100per100 Italian Idea, exclusively given to the successful company that takes the real made in Italy abroad: Big Mamma, the group founded in 2013 by two French guys, Victor Lugger e Tigraine Seydoux, leaded together with Ciro Cristiano, F&B Executive Chef of the group counting today 7 restaurants in France and two new openings in London, all focused on the authentic Italian cuisine.


The event was a huge success, thanks to the support of the partners of I Love Italian Food: ParmareggioIgorPastificio GranoroAlcisaCasa Modena, SenfterMonte delle VigneBottega Gastronomica e Zorzi.

Photo by Davide Weber

100per100 Italian Awards in Paris

On the 21st of October I Love Italian Food returns to Paris with its international project 100per100 Italian Awards.

The evening will be the Made in Italy event par excellence in Paris, coinciding with SIAL 2018 (from the 21st to the 25th of October). A moment created to reward true Italian food and its protagonists in the Ville Lumière.

In fact, celebrating Made in Italy also means rewarding professionals and realities that promote authentic Italian food and wine culture every day. The crucial moment of the event will therefore be the ceremony for the 100per100 Italian Awards, hosted by Eleonora Galasso, foodpreneur, writer and well-known face of French and English television.

The special setting for this occasion will be La Felicità, a unique location and symbol of Italian spirit, in the heart of Paris. La Felicità, inaugurated in May and already known as the largest restaurant in Europe, is the new food hall of the Big Mamma group, the true entrepreneurial case of European food service. Big Mamma has 7 restaurants just in Paris with more than 200 employees, has just opened La Bellezza in Lille and is also preparing openings outside of France.

An Italian 100per100 menu, specially created by the La Felicità team, to delight our guests, including chefs, journalists, influencers, media, institutions and operators in the F & B sector.

100per100 Italian Awards is a project realised with the support of IgorPastificio GranoroParmareggioCasa ModenaAlcisaSenfterMonte delle VigneBottega Gastronomica and Zorzi.

100per100 Italian Talks, the evening dedicated to the real oil of Italy: food

On Monday, 24th of September, at the spectacular location of Ruote da Sogno, in Reggio Emilia, they were held the first 100per100 Italian Talks  which focused on the theme of Italian food as a unique and irreplaceable resource of our country: "the oil of Italy ".

I Love Italian Food managed to bring in front of an audience of F&B professionals the unique visions of 5 representatives of this industry introduced by the founder of Dissapore, Massimo Bernardi, special host of the evening.

Sara Roversi highlighted how it is essential to think about the future of food and innovation as a collective effort. The message from the Future Food Institute is to collaborate, cooperate and contaminate each others in order to find real solutions. In her last world mission, Sara met 160 representatives among farmers, entrepreneurs, experts, activists and researchers; 160 innovators who, according to the Future Food Institute, are the key to work positively on the future of food.

Maria Letizia Gardone, who replaced the President of Coldiretti Roberto Moncalvo, reminded us that our agricultural heritage is the basis of the wealth of our products. Agriculture has made us a leader in Europe in terms of the number of organic companies and the safety and healthiness of products. Farmers and industry must unite to fight the common enemy: the Italian sounding phenomenon. The first step in this direction is Filiera Italia, which sees Coldiretti and the processing companies on the same front.

Thomas Rosolia, CEO of Koelnmesse Italia, was the spokesperson of fairs, an indispensable tool for export. In the digital world, fairs remain the meeting point and real confrontation with the foreign market, customers or potential customers. Also in this context it is indispensable to defend Made in Italy by informing foreign populations through activities that educate and explain true Italian products.

Nicola Levoni, president of ASSICA, brought us an other perspective: the need for Italian producers and companies to combine food culture with humanistic culture. We must start from the tourist approaching the product in Italy and attract him also outside the classic routes, to bring him towards less known Italian realities that are rich of other unique products. By making this, these explorers and adventurers of food will want to relive that memory, that product, in their country.

Ciro Cristiano, head chef of Big Mamma, spoke about Italian restaurants abroad. According to him, the secret of success is to bring true quality products and to propose them in the simplest and best preparations at a competitive price. Ciro made us understand that the key to success sometimes lies on the simplicity of ideas and their realization. The restaurants of Big Mamma and La Felicità, the largest Italian food hub in the world, are a prime example of this.

Following the speakers' unique interventions, a presentation of the 2019 projects of I Love Italian Food was made by its co-founder Alessandro Schiatti. Love, passion and the need to bring Italian enogastronomic culture to the world are the real engine of the 100per100 Italian projects presented during the evening.

To conclude, guests and speakers gathered to watch the performances and taste the dishes of five true Made in Italy food authorities: Daniele Reponi, king of gourmet sandwiches; Ciccio Vitiello, rising star of pizza; fresh pasta from Emilia prepared by sfogline, BBQ4All's grill master Emanuele Bardini with his team and, to conclude sweetly, Paolo Brunelli, the ice cream maker from Senigallia, winner of the Dissapore 2018 ranking.

The evening was organised with the support of Koelnmesse, in partnership with NetaddictionDissaporeiFoodBBQ4All and with the contribution of 32 Via dei BirraiVenturini BaldiniBottega Gastronomica and Zorzi.

100per100 Italian Lounge - Road to Beijing

The second stop of the 100per100 Italian Lounge, the Italian heart of the most important food and wine fairs in the world, is getting closer.

After Thailand, the project of I Love Italian Food will reach Beijing. From the 21st to the 23rd of November the 100per100 Italian Lounge will take place at Anufood China, in exclusive partnership with Koelnmesse, organizer of the event.

In the 100per100 Italian Lounge the protagonists will always be Italian products that will be presented and cooked by well-known Italian chefs working in Beijing. To tell the iconic products of Italian agro-food will be the voices of those who, every day, bring Made in Italy to China and know the needs and tastes of the market.

Thanks to a program of activities organized by I Love Italian Food that will involve companies, operators in the sector and restaurant professionals, the 100per100 Italian Lounge will also be a networking opportunity for all those taking part in Anufood China 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at the China National Convention Center from the 21st to the 23rd of November.

100per100 Italian Show - First stop Dubai with The Italian Cheeses Show

Dubai will be the first stop of the new project by I Love Italian Food: 100per100 Italian Show, the show that gets the products on the stage, the true key players of the Italian cuisine.

An international project created to tell and taste the authentic Made in Italy products.

100per100 Italian Show is the perfect event for all the Italian food lovers, who want to combine the pleasure of an unforgettable evening with the taste of an excellent dinner.

The first episode will be The Italian Cheeses Show, which will be held on Thursday 11th October, at 6.00pm, at Eataly Dubai Mall.

Chef Andrea Ruisi will be the performer who will unveil stories, curiosities and will suggest the perfect pairings of four unique cheeses from our land: Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino and Mozzarella. Then there will be the creation of a perfect Italian Cheese platter and a three-course tasting.

For further information and ticket purchase visit Eataly Dubai Mall – Lower Ground Floor – or call + 971-43308899.