5 inspirational stories about Italian food

On September 24th there will be the first 100per100 Italian Talks, the event dedicated to one of the most precious and irreplaceable resources of Made in Italy: food.

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved in the world, but, despite this, Italy is only the fifth exporter in Europe, and the demand for food from our country is often satisfied by non-Italian products, which feed every day more the phenomenon of Italian sounding.

In order to better understand the problems, but, above all, try to play out the solutions, I Love Italian Food created  the 100per100 Italian Talks. the theme of this first edition is "Food: the black oil of Italy"

In front of an audience of professionals of the Italian F&B industry, five speakers will tell their inspirational stories, in the unique setting of the venue Ruote da Sogno. The common thread of the talks will be leaded by Massimo Bernardi, journalist and founder of Dissapore.com.

The five key players of the Talks will be:

Sara Roversi, co-founder of Future Food, with her projects has been following for years the mission to seek innovations in the food chain involving students, companies of the field and researchers worldwide. And this is right what her speech deals with: the future and the innovation of Italian food.

Nicola Levoni, President of ASSICA and Salumificio Levoni, will bring on stage his vision about how to make industry the keystone for the growth of food exports.

Thomas Rosolia, CEO of Koelnmesse Italia. His speech will show us how fairs can still be an indispensable tool, but innovative at the same time, to create new export opportunities for the Italian companies.

Roberto Moncalvo, President of Coldiretti since 2013, the main organization of agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level will illustrate his idea of enhancing and protecting the Italian supply chain and products, always with a view of their internationalization.

In conclusion, the business case of the year, Ciro Cristiano, one of the founders and Executive Chef of Big Mamma. He will talk about this 100% Italian reality born in France from the idea of two young guys who believed in the potential of Italian food and wine. Today they have 7 restaurants of Italian cuisine in Paris, including La Felicità, the largest restaurant in Europe, entirely made in Italy. A virtuous example of entrepreneurship and food service, which shows how to bring our know-how abroad.

The evening will be organised with the support of Koelnmesse, in partnership with NetaddictionDissaporeiFood, BBQ4All and with the contribution of 32 Via dei Birrai, Venturini Baldini, Bottega Gastronomica and Zorzi.

The 100per100 Italian in New York goes to…

On Saturday, June 30th, New York served as a perfect setting to unveil the second date of the 100per100 Italian 2018 an evening dedicated to honoring the true patrons of Italian Food in the Big Apple.

I Love Italian Food cultural Association announced the names of the professionals who have stood out in promoting the real Italian food in NYC. During last months, indeed, 100 Italian professionals from the network of I Love Italian Food, based in the Big Apple and experts in the made in Italy, have been involved in the project to suggest the names of the realities that every day distinguish themselves in offering an authentic Italian cuisine, to the American consumers as well. 

According to Mr Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and co-founder of I Love Italian Food “Our missions is spreading the culture of Italian food worldwide and it’s our responsibility and pride rewarding all those professionals that work hardly everyday to spread the real Italian food in the world.”

And for the awards this year the eight 100per100 Italian Awards were given during the 100per100 Italian Gala, hold at the Scavolini Soho Gallery.

For the category 100per100 Italian Menu, through the recommendations of the network, the award went to Norma Gastronomia Siciliana, Italian restaurant which offers a menu that is totally free from any other culinary culture contamination.

100per100 Italian Gelato went to L’Arte del Gelato, that produces and offers the experience of a real homemade Italian gelato abroad.

The recognition will not be complete without the awards of ‘The real Italian pizza’, prepared according to the Neapolitan tradition, using 100% made in Italy ingredients. The award 100per100 Italian Pizza went with an ex aequo to two symbol realities of the made in Italy in New York: Ribalta, a pizzeria concept in the Big Apple, leaded by Pasquale Cozzolino and Rosario Procino, and Sorbillo, new entry in the world of Italian pizzeria in NY and the right place to taste the famous fried pizza by Gino Sorbillo.

For the 100per100 Italian Espresso award, the network of I Love Italian Food has no doubts that Eataly Flatiron is the perfect place not only to taste the real Italian Espresso, but also the venue to enjoy a moment of relaxation and conviviality, in the Italian way.

An emerging name, but already successful in the panorama of the Italian cuisine in New York for the 100per100 Italian Chef award, given to Silvia Barban: talented, with Italian origins of course, contestants on TV cooking shows and, at the moment, leading LaRina Pastificio & Vino, in the heart of Brooklyn.

Finally, 100per100 Italian Restaurant, a very special award that went ex aequo to two key realities of the made in Italy in New York: Piccola Cucina, leaded by Chef Philip Guardione, and Tarallucci e Vino founded in 2001 by Luca Di Pietro, both contributing to the promulgation of the real Italian cuisine in New York.

The event was a huge success, thanks to the support of the partners of I Love Italian Food: Scavolini, AICNY, Parmissimo, Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Olitalia, Gustoso e infine i-Italy e Dissapore.

100per100 Italian Kitchen

Last week started 100per100 Italian Kitchen, the new project signed I Love Italian Food and Scavolini in partnership with Dissapore.

100per100 Italian Kitchen reveals the true Italian cuisine in the Scavolini international showrooms that become the 100% Italian stage of these events.

Performers selected by I Love Italian Food will prepare typical recipes by entertaining the public and sharing secrets and curiosities of unique dishes of the Italian tradition

The first appointment was held last Thursday at the Scavolini Store in Boston, but the tour continues!

Next stop will be Chicago, after which the 100per100 Italian Kitchen will leave the United States landing in Europe and then reach the Middle East.

A unique adventure to discover Scavolini kitchens and Italian cuisine.


Golositalia, for a 100% Italian Breakfast in Dubai

Where to enjoy a good espresso or a creamy cappuccino in the modern and shimmering Dubai? Naturally from Golositalia!

A corner of Italy where in which take a coffee at the counter before starting the day or enjoying a real Italian breakfast with a freshly baked cornetto.

Golositalia in Dubai has become an institution because it serves real Italian coffee, but it is also the ideal place for a lunch break or a snack whit sweet and savoury choice: pizzas, focaccia, pastries and biscuits, strictly homemade .

Merit of the passion and initiative of Sebastiano Maio, a Sicilian confectioner who founded Golositalia in 2013, a point of reference for all lovers of true Italian coffee.

Golositalia is located at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster C, Dubai.


16 Chef for 16 Panini: a unique and tasty food experience whit PDO and PGI cured meats.

I Love Italian Food once again becomes the mouthpiece of the real Made in Italy with a new format video to tell worldwide the protected Italian cured meats and their connection with the territory.

A new project created in partnership with ISIT - Istituto Salumi Italiani Tutelati, the reference association of the Consortium for the Protection of POD and PGI cured meats.

And what’s better than than panino, the symbol par excellence of Italian street food, to tell the real Made in Italy?

Therefore, we selected chefs of the network of I Love Italian Food and asked them to create the recipe of a 100% Italian sandwich. Not a normal panino, but the perfect combination to show the authentic Italy, bringing together flavours and territory, all linked by the fil rouge of excellent cured meats.

I Love Italian Food tells, through its channels, the panini signed by the chefs, the true ambassadors of Italian cuisine.

Creativity, tradition and taste will be found in this series of videos that shows to Italian Food Lovers from all over the world how to best combine some of the excellences of our traditional gastronomic heritage: the PDO and PGI protected cured meats.

Thanks to all the Chefs who contributed to the project: Natalino Ambra, Stefano Brombal, Michele Casadei Massari, Ciro Cristiano, Marcello Ferrarini, Nicola Iovine, Michele Mazza, Alessandro Miceli, Corrado Michelazzo, Roberto Rispoli, Andrea Ruisi, Salvo Sardo, Diego Simonetta, Massimo Spigaroli, Raffaele Solinas, Roberto Valbuzzi.

Special thanks to Osteria del Maiale.

A project realized under the patronage of Mipaaf - Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali.


Roberto's, fine Italian food in the hustle of the city

Roberto's is the brand born in Dubai, the ideal place for a business lunch, a family brunch or a fancy dinner. With its fresh pasta and raw-fish, Roberto's has been repeatedly recognised as the best Italian restaurant in Dubai by the city's most influential guides.

Also thanks to his Head Chef Alessandro Miceli, creator of this successful story, who with his twenty-three years of experience developed through Italy, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, continues to assure to its guests the highest quality and the real Italian taste.

Roberto's is located at Gate Village, Building 1, in the Dubai International Financial Center.


100per100 Italian Lounge in Bangkok

The first stage of the new project signed I Love Italian Food arrives at Thaifex,the event of reference for the food industry professionals of Southeast Asia on its 15th edition, from 29 May to 2 June at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center.

The 100per100 Italian Lounge (Impact Hall 2 - Booth I 23) will be the place to tell the true Made in Italy, where every day renowned Italian chefs from the Bangkok area will present the iconic products of Italian cuisine. Not only performance and show cooking, but also meetings with Italian food and wine professionals who have made their way into the Thai market.

To follow the program of the five-day fair:




2.00 p.m.: Italian Food Stories: Prosciutto di Parma - storytelling and show cooking performed by Chef Roberto Panariello, Executive Chef of La Terrazza Restaurant

4.00p.m.: Interview with an Italian businessman of the F&B area.



11.00 a.m.: Italian Food Stories: The Truffle - storytelling and show cooking performed by Chef Andrea Ortu, Executive Chef of La Bottega di Luca Restaurant - in partnership with Poddi Tartufi

2.00p.m.: Interview with an Italian businessman of the F&B area.

3.00 p.m.: Italian Food Stories: The Risotto - storytelling and show cooking performed by Chef Norbert Kostner, ex Executive Chef of Mandarin Oriental

4.00p.m.: Interview with Chef Norbert Kostner, ex Executive Chef of Mandarin Oriental.



3.00 p.m.: Italian Food Stories: The Tiramisù - storytelling and show cooking performed by Chef Giovanni Iurig, Executive Pastry Chef of J.W. Marriott Bangkok

4.00p.m.: Interview with Chef Giovanni Iurig, Executive Pastry Chef of J.W. Marriott Bangkok



11.00 a.m.: Italian Food Stories: The Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI- storytelling and show cooking performed by Chef Stefano Merlo, Executive Chef of Sensi Restaurant.

2.00p.m.: Interview with an Italian businessman of the F&B area.

4.00p.m.: Interview with Chef Flavio Argenio, Head Chef of Appia Restaurant.



12.00 p.m.: Interview to Mr. Giulio Saverino, Wine and Food expert 

2.00p.m.: Interview with an Italian businessman of the F&B area.