“Il Made in Italy siamo Noi” is a project of I Love Italian Food in support of our enogastronomic sector and professionals who have always been at the forefront to bring authentic Italian food all over the world.

It is precisely to these professionals that it is essential to give voice in such a dramatic and uncertain moment for Italians and for our economy.

Thursday 19 March at 4.00 pm “Il Made in Italy siamo noi” will be aired. The marathon which will feature some of the most important ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world, who will share their point of view on what is happening in our Country and not only.

The program will be realized by I Love Italian Food, whose mission is the protection of authentic Made in Italy in the world, in collaboration with Radio Radio, an important Roman talk radio that has over one and a half million listeners and from more than forty years deals with entertainment and culture and the brand new project Italian Food #moltobuono, by Simone Barazzotto, creator of Nazionale Basket Artisti.

From New York to Tokyo, passing through Australia and China, we will consult chefs, entrepreneurs, distributors and journalists who will give us their testimony, helping us to clarify the trend and the future of Made in Italy after the unexpected arrival of the Coronavirus .

Among the live guests, Lidia Bastianich, Luca Fantin, Salvatore Cuomo, Umberto Bombana, Michele Casadei Massari, Filippo Polidori, Salvo Sardo and Giorgio Locatelli, Nicola Bertinelli, Cesare Casella and Gianfranco Sorrentino, Jimmy Ghione, Bruno Vanzan, Roberto Valbuzzi and Simone Barazzotto with Elisa D'Ospina.

The live stream will be followed by a marathon of video messages from over 30 ambassadors of Italian cuisine from all corners of the world: Dubai, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Paris, Tokyo, Doha, London, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires.

It is a challenge that we have not chosen but for which we will take the field all together, facing it and winning it together as we only know how to do; with the certainty that it will make us even more proud of being Italian, because “Il Made in Italy siamo noi".

From 16:00 "Il Made in Italy siamo noi" live on the Facebook page of I Love Italian Food:, on Radio Radio, on Sky channel 826, and streaming TV

From 18:00 "Il Made in Italy siamo noi" marathon video on the Facebook page of I Love Italian Food.



Herebelow the video of the marathon and the clips of contribution.

Will Made in Italy save Italy? September 4th at Cibus

It is increasingly undeniable that what we are experiencing is an historical moment of international economic uncertainties. The recent spread of COVID-19, the return of duties, the new contraindications of globalization, are all factors that contribute to the major economic crisis we are going through. At this moment, more than ever, this crisis represents a blow to the heart of Made in Italy, a frontal attack on Italy, starting from the tourism sector, up to the food and wine sector, which we at I Love Italian Food promote and protect every day.

And so, without too much controversy, among satirical videos that come from beyond the Alps, absurd requests for virus free products and a ruling class that does not prove to measure up, what we all should remember is that Italy and the Italians have always been capable of great trials, of great reactions. We have given the world great discoveries, great innovations. We have taught the world the beauty, the know-how and our lifestyle: the essence of the made in Italy that foreigners love so much.

But is Made in Italy still able to save Italy today? Trying to answer this question and take stock of the state of Made in Italy, we called on the stage of the 100per100 Italian Talks six talents, six people with a vision who will present ideas and visions on how to make ever more the Made in Italy an asset to contribute to the revitalization of our Country.

The appointment is on September 4th, 2020 at CIBUS, where, in collaboration with Fiere di Parma, we will realize the only Italian leg of our 100per100 Italian Talks international conference. A moment entirely dedicated to our Italy to discover how to create a system in a new, contemporary and alternative way.

Where to eat the real Made in Italy in Dubai

Futuristic city, home of extreme luxury and crossroads of business between East and West, Dubai is home to over 180 different nationalities and in view of Expo 2020 it foresees a presence of 20 million tourists.
In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, between tradition and modernity, there is a melting pot of cuisines and flavors: from sushi to dim sum, from Arab meze to shawarma, from street food to refined starred restaurants. Even on a gastronomic level, Dubai is the unrivaled record of the cosmopolitan city par excellence.
Here, despite the competitive market, the made in Italy export is constantly growing: only in 2019 Italy exported 266 million euros of agri-food products to the Emirate market (source: Italian Trade Agency, 2019) and strong are expectations that these opportunities will increase with Expo.
Just in Dubai, in one of the most futuristic and complex cities in the world, a destination for businessmen, but also for tourists looking for news and fun, places to taste and relive the experience of authentic Italian cuisine are not missing.
Italianity is the watchword of the project for the promotion and enhancement of made in Italy that I Love Italian Food presented in Dubai on February 20, with the launch of 100per100 Italian Food in Dubai and the guide that collects the names of almost 50 places that offer the true made in Italy.
Places voted and selected by a jury of over 100 Italians residents of Dubai, who have suggested the names of the places where you can taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza, where to savor the unique aroma of espresso, or where to cool off from the extreme heat of the desert with a real Italian ice cream.
Four categories – Restaurant, Pizza, Espresso, Gelato – for a sensory and gastronomic journey, in which to find, even away from home, that unique experience that distinguishes our food and wine culture, between products, visions and lifestyle.
But 100per100 Italian Food in Dubai is this and much more. For us at I Love Italian Food it also represents a tool to support the true ambassadors of Italian food, what we call “Italian Food warriors”: an army of chefs, restaurateurs, pizza makers, pastry chefs and gelato makers who passionately dedicate every day their work to promote and defend authentic Italian cuisine.

Our thanks go to the made in Italy warriors and our partners for their support for the 100per100 Italian Dubai project, specifically: Redoro Frantoi Veneti, EP World, Igor, Filicori Zecchini, Authentico and Dubaitaly.

Find the complete list of 100per100 Italian places in Dubai at the end of the article and at this link:

800 Pizza, Akiba Dori, Al Grissino, Alici, Alta Badia, Amorino, Attibassi, Bellavista, Bianca The Beach, Bice Mare, Caffè Borbone, Caffè Illy, Carluccio’s, Casa Mia, Cioccolati Italiani, L’Antica Pizzera Da Michele Dubai, Eataly, Gelato Divino, Gia, Gianni & gelato. Golositalia, Grom, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai, Il Caffè di Roma U.A.E, Il gelato di Bruno, Bussola, Luigia, Massimo’s, Matto, Mercato DIFC, Morelli’s, Il ristorante – Niko Romito, Pasticceria Cova, Pulcinella, Roberto’s, Ronda Locatelli, Rossovivo, Scalini, Scotta Espresso Bar, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, Sicilia, Social By Heinz Beck, The Artisan, The Espresso Lab, Torno Subito, Trattoria Toscana, Vanitas, Via Vita.

100per100 Italian Talks Dubai

Opportunities, growth, connection. These are the three key concepts emerged during the Emirati appointment of 100per100 Italian Talks, the international conference organized by I Love Italian Food, on the occasion of the 24th edition of Gulfoof, and realized on February 20 at Roberto’s, an Italian restaurant icon in Dubai. 

“2020 is the year of EXPO in Dubai and we are confident that this exposition represents for Italy an opportunity for growth and visibility of our expertise. We decided to realize a Talks in Dubai to understand how to benefit from this opportunity and to do that we involved five opinion leaders who live and work in Dubai. Because of their understanding of the market they can give an analytical and in-depth point of view of it”. Comments Alessandro Schiatti, founding member of I Love Italian Food, an international project committed to promoting and defending the authentic Italian gastronomic culture worldwide. 

On the stage have followed interventions by experts and opinion leaders involved on the 100per100 Italian Talks including contributions from entrepreneurs, chefs, distributors, restaurateurs and institutions.

Amedeo Scarpa, Director of the ICE Office in Dubai, who sponsored the initiative, after giving an overview of the local market and the figures related to Italian F&B exports, stated that Expo can only represent a win-win opportunity for all the involved actors who, by teaming up, can bring out the value of our made in Italy.    

He mentioned then the motto of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020: "Beauty connects people", where beauty is intended as a strategic resource to build a future based on dialogue and collaboration between people and nation, respecting values, competition, rights, innovation and sustainable development.

It was followed by the point of view proposed by the world of chefs, represented by Francesco Guarracino, Roberto’s Group Executive Chef, for year one of the protagonists of the Emirati restaurant. Chef Guarracino, after explaining how people’s  awareness and knowledge about Italian food has changed, brought his vision about Expo, stating that the universe exposition will represent a showcase for the Italian culinary heritage, classic and not only, that brings with it the feeling of our real local experience. 

The same experience also highly appreciated by those who do not have Italian origins, but contribute with their work to the development and diffusion of our products. This is the case of Bhushant Gandhi, General Manager of Truebell, one of the major F&B distributors in the Middle East. The visione emerged on Expo 2020 from a person who has always believed in Made in Italy, even against his father's will, is that union and team work can contribuite to the development of small or medium-sized producers, who aim to enter the Gulf market, not only food, but also beverage.

To complement the vision on the main theme of these Talks also the point of view of an Italian entrepreneur who has invested in Dubai, bringing our know-how and promoting Made in Italy every day with catering and catering activities. As speaker we had Giuseppe Esposito, Chairman of EP World, the company that owns restaurants' chains Ecco - Pizza & Pasta and Cappuccini Italiani, and one of the leaders in the catering sector. The businessman told about EP's experience , which has lasted for over 45 years: how they brought the expertise of Italian cuisine from Naples to the Emirates, while always maintaining respect for the local taste. EP is also the only Italian company that has been awarded a contract within EXPO, where it will be present for six months with a catering space, naturally made in Italy. Here, explained Giuseppe Esposito, they will focus on all Italian regional cuisine, thus enhancing the variety of our table, undoubtedly one of the strengths of our food and wine culture.

But in addition to being varied, the Italian diet is also among the healthiest. From this healthy concept Giacomo Casinetto, Managing Director of Casinetto, leader among the distributors of made in Italy products in Dubai, presented his vision on Expo 2020. From his speech it emerged again how Expo represents not only an opportunity for growth for the Italian economy, but also an increase in consumption and an opportunity to promote the renowned Italian lifestyle.

The appointment is therefore on 20 October 2020, the day on which Expo will inaugurate in Dubai at the new World Expo and for 173 days it will animate the Gulf, promoting culture, sustainability and connections between nations, bringing, we are sure, growth and opportunity also for our made in Italy.

100per100 Italian Talks is a project realized thanks to the support of I Love Italian Food's partners, in particular thanks for the support: Redoro, EP World, Flavor, Authentico, Gustatus International, Roberto's, venue partner of the event, Dubaitaly, media partner of the project, and ICE - Italian Trade Agency for the patronage granted.

Made in Italy takes the field in New York with IBBL

The 5th of February 2020, in New York took place the Italian Brand Basketball Leage, a project that aims to help italian brands to work as a team, on and off the pitch.

The idea, officially presented yesterday during a Press Conference at the Italian Trade Agency of NYC, comes from Simone Barazzoto, creative by profession and President of And Basketartisti, the italian national basketball team of artists that this years celebrates its twenty years.

I Love Italian Food could not be missing between the supporters of the project: “We have always believed that create a network is the only way to make our excellences a winner in the world, that is why we are always at the forefront when it comes to promote made in Italy. To us, supporting IBBL project means communicating the Italianness values that characterize our project, in a unusual but winning key, considering a public that loves basketball such as the Americans.” Says Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and founding member of I Love Italian Food.

With I Love Italian Food, supporting the IBBL initiative there are many Italian entrepreneurs of F&B sector and more: Paolo Beretta (Salumificio Fratelli Beretta), Ottavio Missoni (Missoni SpA), Giacomo Buffa (Terre Alte), Sebastiano Peluso (Discovery Italy) and Letizia Airos and Francesca di Matteo of Your Italian Hub, who manage project communcation.

Not only entrepreneurs join the cause, but even well-known names of show business and basketball stars as Antonello Riva (ex Italian National, Cantù and Milan), and Chris McNealy (ex NY Knicks), two champions that, in addition their big experience, will drag marketing and communication activities that will be realized along the championship.

The first match has been played on the 5th of February at 12.30 pm, in the prestigious Barclays Center of Brooklyn Nets and will challenge the national of Bastketartisti and IBBL Nyc Dream Team.

Among Basketartisti players that entered the field, there will be the champion Antonello Riva, the artistic director of Virgin Radio Italia Dj Ringo, Sky Sport journalist Stefano Meloccaro, influencer and player Valentina Vignali, actors Roberto Ciufoli and Stefano Noi, and the DJ of Radio 105 Pippo Palmieri. All trained from Joe Bastianich, coach for this occasion. 

On the other side, Ottavio Missoni has been both player and coach of IBBL Nyc Dream Team with a squad of players that included, in addiction to the entrepreneurs above mentioned, Ezio Burani of QNY Creative and Federico Perendin of Il Pastificio.

The Italian Brands Basketball League regular season will continue in NY playgrounds with monthly matches that will be held in different Big Apple neighborhoods.

At the end of each game, moments of networking will follow, with dinners and meetings that will allow Italian companies to continue to team up, exchanging marketing and communication ideas and suggestions to promote Made in Italy brands in the USA.

Obviously in 100per100 Italian restaurants of New York.

The Choice of American Restaurant Owners: We Stand with Made in Italy

New York, November 22, 2019 - Promotion, opportunity and ambition.
These are the three key concepts that emerged during #ISTANDWITHMADEINITALY—the initiative organized by I Love Italian Food together with AICNY, on the occasion of the IV Week of Italian cuisine in the world, that henceforth came to life on November 20 at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education of New York.
"If the consumer is free to choose not to buy the original product, because of the increase in prices, for restaurateurs it must be a choice of field, they must choose Made in Italy". Alessandro Schiatti, founding member of I Love Italian Food, opened the afternoon with these fortifying words dedicated to the new US levies. I Love Italian Food is a cultural association committed to the promotion and defense of the authentic Italian food and wine culture.
This was followed by the interventions of the experts and opinion leaders involved in #istandwithemadeinitaly, including the contributions of entrepreneurs, chefs, representatives of the Consortiums, journalists and institutions.
Federico Tozzi, general secretary of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the initiative, highlighted how these tariffs can represent an opportunity in a complex market like the US, however that must place a strong focus on product quality. Just one month after the forceful entry of the new tariffs, national institutions began moving with more concrete actions. Antonino Laspina, ICE New York Director and Coordinator of the US Network, reported that the ICE Agency has already put specific support activities in place for the categories affected by the levies, which will provide the first opportunity for enhanced promotion at  Winter Fancy Food. This will also create the visibility Country Partner will give to Italy in the 2020 editions of the event.
The centralized point of view proposed by the world of chefs, represented by the Association of the Italian Chefs of New York is Fabrizio Facchini, whom expressed his position reassuring professionals even in terms of food cost. He highlights the importance now, more than ever, for restaurateurs to collaborate with importers and distributors, through advantageous agreements, and to continue buying Made in Italy, thus reducing the consequences on costs.
Precisely in these idealities is one of the most appreciated and taken up visions during the initiative was that proposed by Michele Casadei Massari, executive chef and founder of Lucciola. Chef Michele emphasized that we must not surrender in the face of difficulties and, just like King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, going higher, using the tariffs as an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and our excellence.
The same excellences hit today by the tariffs, in particular those of our dairy sector, were represented by the Consortium for the Protection of Denominations of Origin that supported the #istandwithmadeinitaly initiative. In particular, the Consortiums of Asiago, Gorgonzola, Pecorino Toscano, Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo were introduced, each launching a clear message shared by the representatives of the category: the importance of promoting and transferring knowledge of our products , spreading the awareness and value of Italian traditions.
The voices of importers and distributors we also present to supplement the overall view on the tariffs, represented for the occasion by Sogno Toscano, who in turn suggested an optimistic attitude, based on clear marketing actions, able to transmit stories, characteristics and values of authentic products. Products that will be compared to "domestic" products, those of American production, of ever increasing quality, but undoubtedly still far from our own. To witness the quality of our original products, the presence and support of the partners Montanari & Gruzza, Urbani Truffle and Pentole Agnelli.
Another important topic presented on the table of the fight against duties was the importance of the traceability of the supply chain,which told by Authentico, a partner of I Love Italian Food. Authentico founder Giuseppe Coletti explained the simple and easy traceability system accessible to recognize the original products, through their digital application.
The media point of view could not be missed, of course. An interpretation was led by La Cucina Italiana, a leading magazine in the sector, recently returned to the US market with a renewed edition. Sabina Montevergine, journalist and editor, explained the importance of communicating correctly to an audience that is deeply interested in Italian products, as it turns out to be the American one. Interest for both the history of products and the producers, and the indications to be able to recognize the original product and get out of the dispute parmesan vs Parmigiano Reggiano, from which, as expected, Made in Italy will always prevail.
The #istandwithmadeinitaly event was made possible thanks to the partners and friends of I Love Italian Food who contributed to the organization of the event and took place during the Italian Cooking Week, in particular, thanks for the support and protection the Consortium of Asiago, Gorgonzola, Pecorino Toscano, Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo; Montanari & Gruzza, Tuscan Dream, Pentole Agnelli, Urbani Truffle, Authentico, La Cucina Italiana, Dissapore and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce for sponsorship.


There are many hypotheses as to why the US is applying duties on the main Italian PDO cheeses, but regardless of which is the right answer, Italian dairy producers have little to do with the aid given to Airbus by the European Community.

What can we do in the face of this injustice? Complain? Stand and watch? Nope, We Stand with Made in Italy!

Since the union we’re up against is strong, we have asked for help from all those warriors who work and struggle every day to safeguard and promote our products and our cuisine. Together with them, we have created this first appointment dedicated to authentic Made in Italy, made precisely during the IV Week of Italian Cuisine in the world.

An afternoon dedicated to restauranteurs and food service professionals that will take place on Wednesday, November 20 at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education of New York. An event organized with the Italian Chef Association of New York and with the participation of the Consortium of Asiago, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo, Gorgonzola, Pecorino Toscano, and the New York Chamber of Italian Commerce. The event is furthermore in partnership with Authentico, Sogno Toscano, Montanari & Gruzza, Pentole, Agnelli e Urbani Truffle, in addition to the media support of La Cucina Italiana, whom have recently returned to the US market, and Dissapore.

The purpose of the initiative is to defend our products by relying on our food and wine patriotism and, at the same time, to make it clear through a practical lesson on food cost, that quality remains the true convenience that lies at the base of our cuisine. It’s a figure that unites our past, present and future at the table.

The appointment will articulate many points with the contribution of experts and opinion leaders of our food sector. To open the dance, Federico Tozzi, general secretary of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of New York will give a snapshot of the US market, one month after the entry into force of the duties. Followed by Alessandro Schiatti, founding member of I Love Italian Food who will explain why #istandwithmadeinitaly. To support him Michele Casadei Massari, chef and founder of Lucciola NYC, with a practical simulation of food cost, pushing restaurant owners not to give up the original products. It will then be the turn of the contributions of the representatives of the Consortiums protecting the supporters of the initiative: Marco Invernizzi for the Consortium for the protection of Gorgonzola PDO cheese, Marco Forte for the Consortium of Pecorino Toscano DOP, Gianni Maoddi will bring the point of view of the Consortium for the protection of Pecorino Romano, and again Luca Cracco for the Consortium for the Protection of Cheese Asiago DOP and Annalisa Uccella, on behalf of the Consortium for the protection of Pecorino Sardo PDO.

The contributions will then give space to the world of entrepreneurs and distributors with our partner Sogno Toscano. Raising awareness from the point of view of communication will be Sabina Montevergine, journalist of La Cucina Italiana. Followed by the important speech by Giuseppe Coletti, founder of Authentico, partner of I Love Italian Food in the protection and promotion of original Made in Italy together with our other partners Montanari Gruzza, Urbani Truffles USA and Pentole Agnelli .

To close the talks is one of the leading representatives of the Italian Association of Chefs in NY: Fabrizio Facchini, chef and member of the board of the Association alongside Francesco Panella, who now a symbol of Made in Italy and has been recently appointed Global Communication Director of the Association. Both will bring the point of view of restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs in the sector for the reason that if consumers could stop taking authentic Italian products from supermarket shelves, restaurateurs must instead continue to share our cuisine, our land and our culture, right through our typical products, transforming this possible criticality into a distinctive value, in the choice of final field, #ISTANDWITHMADEINITALY

The event will conclude with a tasting of pure 100% Italian products versus the "fake" products from overseas in order to compare flavors, consistency, colors and smells. A comparison from which, incidentally, we are sure to come out winners.

World Pasta Day: the Christmas of Pasta and Italians on the 25th ... of October

In a provocative way, we could almost say that we Italians should celebrate Christmas in October. Yes, even this year we celebrate World Pasta Day, an event with similar religious colors for the connoisseurs of the palate, established in 1995.

2019 will bring a significant novelty to the anniversary: this year we’ll have the first edition of “Al Dente, The Italian Way of Pasta,” a festival that involves 130 restaurants around the world and offers pasta lovers a remarkable gastronomic itinerary—a real silk route for carbo-kamut-integral lovers. From New York to Shanghai, from Rome to Tokyo, from Napoli to Brisbane. World Pasta Day sanctifies pasta at every latitude with prestigious chefs involved at every level of the project, who propose recipes in their restaurants using a base of spaghetti, penne, orecchiette, or rigatoni. The shape of the pasta is not as important, however, as the celebration of the most iconic products of our gastronomic culture.

I Love Italian Food is a partner of this project, which perfectly matches our mission of defending and promoting the true Italian food and wine culture in the world. In line with our founding values, "Al Dente" is an unmissable opportunity to spread and defend true Italianness through our fellow countrymen abroad, celebrating an anniversary that obviously needs to combine innovation and tradition to expand both its own horizons and the audience of people reached.

Furthermore, the name is not at all random: for almost all Italians, apart from the seasoning, the quality of the pasta or the format, the obligatory condition for our favorite food is that it is cooked al dente; the error in cooking is not tolerated.

Nowadays there is spontaneity, at least for the Pasta Lovers, to ask oneself almost Hamletic doubts: "In which direction is pasta going? Where do we want to bring it to the next and less near gastronomic future? What does the present impose on us in view of the passwords of the coming decades? "

Beyond the cultural and traditional implications, pasta perfectly represents the all-Italian ability to bring the tricolor identity to the world: a food of poor and ancient origin, versatile and always appreciated, with a transversal use in dowry to a few, timeless and precisely because of this leitmotif of our future at the table.

Although in 2019 cars are not yet flying, but pasta does. It takes on a thousand directions, satisfying food needs and desires for palates of all types. Starting from the call of the true tradition, from the past that returns and teaches, and combining this with the introduction of new production techniques (3D PRINTERS that produce pasta, but can you imagine?) And new raw materials, we are sure that the pasta is the true paradigm of food sustainability in this first century of 2000.

Gustatus 2019 becomes the true festival of Maremma enogastronomy

The I Love Italian Food team was chosen by the municipality of Orbetello committee of Comune di Orbete to redevelop the entire festival: between new entertainment activities and special guests this edition will be a real novelty and the test bed to make Gustatus—a brand exportable beyond the boundaries of the earth it represents.

The focus of the event remains the exaltation of the Maremma; of its flavors and traditions. Thanks to a team of seven local experts who have formed our scientific committee, we are certain that we have kept the authenticity of the area alive. Our essays, with their advice and suggestions, have generously supported us in defining the program.

The members of this committee all have a key role in promoting the area: Emiliano Lombardelli, executive chef of the Dama Dama di Porto Ercole, is an expression of local haute cuisine. Luca Terni, 3 times the best butcher in Italy, represents the artfully carnivorous tradition; while chef Alessandro Martellini, currently active in Tyrol, bears witness to the affection of the Maremma doc for his own territory.

They are joined by a very important member of the Orbetello community, Pier Luigi Piro, president of the Orbetello Fishermen's Cooperative, a Slow Food Presidium and the marine soul of this committee.

Representing the trade associations, with their ideas, are Gloria Faragli of Confesercenti, Gabriella Orlando of Confcommercio and Paolo degli Innocenti, managing director of Conad del Tirreno.

As far as entertainment activities are concerned, guests of the festival and tourists will be able to attend numerous cooking shows to demonstrate their abilities in the kitchen. There will be prominent faces of local food and wine, including Emiliano Lombardelli, winner of the episode of 4 Restaurants dedicated to the Argentario Promontory, and Luca Terni, in addition to the Pastry Chef Paolo Rufo.

They will also be alternated by some nationally known Chefs who will give us their idea of Maremma and who will contribute to the redevelopment of the festival with their skills but also with their notoriety. The show at the stove will be assured.

For this 2019 edition of Gustatus we have also thought about the little ones, who will have the opportunity to participate in first person: we have dedicated real workshops for children to them, so that they can experience the kitchen experience under their gaze for a few hours and with the precious advice of the masters of the territory.

In the calendar of events there will also be food tours through which curious and gastronomy enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover and visit local companies: an excellent strategy to exalt even more the value and the traditional art of the virtuous producers of area, for years linked to the territory and its customs.

Those present will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the splendid setting of the Argentario with tasty aperitifs aboard the Remus boat, made available by the Orbetello Fishermen's cooperative, led by Pier Luigi Piro.

To satisfy the appetites we will think instead of the Oil Square and the Market of Flavors, two focal places of the event that represent one of the novelties of this fourteenth edition of Gustatus.

In conclusion, a note of merit and special thanks go to the municipality of Orbetello and to the whole municipal organization chart that this year has bet on this event to give prestige and visibility to the whole territory, as well as to the Welcome Maremma organization, which for years has been committed to promoting this splendid corner of our peninsula.

Thanks also to Kaiti Expansion, our communication and organization partner.

Finally, thanks to Conad, the main sponsor of the event, which shows that it still strongly believes in the richness and potential of regional products and has been supporting this event for years.

Straight from LA the web series about Italian Food

I Love Italian Food is launching a webseries in Los Angeles with 5 episodes dedicated to Italian food.

Eatalians, conceived and run by Alessandra Gambini, food influencer and winner of a Taste Award, co-produced by I Love Italian Food and produced under the direction of Mirko Urania, Italian series director such as Carabinieri, Don Matteo, etc. Ten episodes created with the objective to defend the authenticity and versatility of Italian cuisine under the shadow cast by the banner of the stars and stripes.

To pursue this goal we turned to five of our illustrious compatriots who moved to Los Angeles, and to whom we asked to tell us about their very personal vision of an Italian recipe: under the supervision of Alessandra, our testimonials must each enhance a specific fruit and vegetable product exported overseas using their own recipe.

The series is in fact part of the broader project "Fresh up your life!" Whose mission is precisely to promote plant-based products from our land on the American public.

The first episode, dedicated to tomatoes, will feature the director and documentary filmmaker Vanessa Crocini who will perform in the making of the much-loved pici al-aglione, a great classic of the Tuscan tradition. A popular dishhearty and with an ancient tradition behind it. An excellent representative of that simple, genuine and spontaneous goodness of our regional cuisine. On the surface, a simple pasta, which however bears witness to the incredible variety of our cuisine even when it comes to poor dishes.

For the second episode of Eatalians we instead turned to Maurizio De Togni, musical composer for Franco Battiato, to name one, and a professor at the University of Southern California & Musician Institute Hollywood. Between teaching and consultant work for the Maroon Five under the stage name OttO, he found the time to give us his personal version of the yogurt and kiwi smoothie, a simple, fresh and always good snack for the hot Los Angeles summers.

The protagonist of the third episode will be actress Francesca Graglia, who will create a strudel.

Although traditionally known as a sweet, Francesca will present her savoury version made with cheese, pear, and vegetables that will be featured this episode. A combination now very common in our tradition, now to be a part in the ancient roots of the strudel.

The second to last episode of the series will feature vegan rockstar chef Robbie Angelucci, who will create a fresh rainbow salad using apples.

The guitarist, originally from Lanciano and a strong supporter of the vegan diet, chooses a salad with bright and brilliant colors to win your eyes even before your taste buds. Through using wholesome and healthy ingredients, we will see yet another example of the simplicity of the Italian kitchen.

Last, but certainly not least in our circuit of Los Angeles will be a dish with a base of blood oranges. Our guest Gianpaolo Croce, General Manager of Eataly, will demonstrate the use of this very curious and authentic Siciliano treasure. His blood orange tiramisù is a perfect example of the commingling of a typical recipe of the north with products of the south. A meeting that undoubtedly produces a winning result, capable of satisfying even the most curious tastes.

With this miniseries I Love Italian Food marks another important step in its growth process and shows that the defense of our culinary culture continues without geographical limits.