About Us

I Love Italian Food is a network and a non-profit cultural Association that promotes and defends the real made in Italy agribusiness in the world.
Created in Italy, in the hearth of the Food Valley in 2013 by a group of friends keen on Italian food, today I Love Italian Food is an international community that in 2017 reached more than one billion digital contacts worldwide.

It is project designed with the belief that the future of Italy is deeply linked to the future of our agri-food industry and to its ability to expand and succeed over the national boundaries. Indeed, Italian food is one of our most loved and desired as- pects abroad and it also represents one seventh of our economy.

The made in Italy agribusiness is the black oil of Italy, one of our biggest wealth. It is the outcome of our several popular cultures, of the know how of our profes- sionals, of our geography and its many microclimates. This is why at I Love Italian Food we believe in the value of the real made in Italy, the authentic one made in our country, on and from our soil.’ declares Mr. Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and co-founder of I Love Italian Food.

With its network of over 8.000 professionals, I Love Italian Food produces every day contents for the digital platform, organizes international events to create a dia- logue with the professionals of the field and supports research and educational ini- tiatives.